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Roald Lapperre Director-General Relations in the United Kingdom na BZK

Roald Lapperre Director-General Relations in the United Kingdom na BZK

IR. R.P. (Roald) Lapperre’s other Director-General’s Relations The Kingdom is the ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK). The Council of Ministers approved the proposal of Minister Bruins Slot of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations. And appointment ta entrant promise in september

The Director-General for Kingdom Relations (DGKR) is responsible for realization of a comprehensive agenda for Aruba, Corsou, Sint Maarten and for Boneiro, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and tur other temporary task, assignment, program and project that arose for di esaki. Caminda other ministries have responsibility, as a partner you play a role of direction and coordination. In addition, DGKR pays attention to it to continue developing and directorate-general. DGKR also has a role in the security area above and islanan and the president of the administrative crisis tim. Finalizing and DGKR He is in charge of portfolios, he plays more with a ministry of den and hunting directive of the ministry of BZK.

Roald Lapperre: “My aunt was honored with my appointment. give the last tomorrow I work intensively with Hulanda Caribense and give my role nobo, with hope pleasure and conviction my duna my cooperation in the collaboration agenda wide cu e parti Caribense di Reino. My tas waits when I am together with my colleagues Den Haag and riba and islanan us for traha riba broad and deep even more and They relate to a multitude of topics that connect us.”

“Cu Roald gives us a director-general experience to return to the DGKR. Roald tin hopi experience riba terrain di driving and sa also with cos ta functions of execution. E tin extensive experience den collaboration within di department and collaboration cu e Caribbean part of the Kingdom. Roald thing knowledge and skill cu ta puts den one state pa whole cu another department built bridges between and ambitions political-administrative of The Hague and interest of the country and Caribbean Netherlands. Hopi I look forward to hearing from Roald,” said secretary-general Maarten Schurink we will ask.

Roald Lapperre for the August 2017 director-general Environment and International is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation. I promise you esaki e tabata between another Director of General Management and Security, also deputy director-general Space and Awa, at loke before tabata Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and Director Management of Agriculture and
Food security, also deputy director-general Agro, at loke previously he was in the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Roald is studying Cultural Engineering at Wageningen University.

The appointment is made here based on the procedure for the top group managers of Algemene Bestuursdienst. Bureau ABD and ministry of BZK to I did the recruitment and selection for the appointment here. ta way custumber, to make the vacatura I met in a wide way, so that you turn around requests.