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State Secretary Van Huffelen gives room for an end to 12.5% salary discount

State Secretary Van Huffelen gives room for an end to 12.5% salary discount

State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (Kingdom Relations) wants space instruct the countries to stop cutting it by 12.5% salary. The salary discount was set in mid-2020 to response to the  corona pandemic as a sign of solidarity towards the market and to reduce government spending of the countries. Now the costs of ordinary living continue to rise, the 12.5% salary cuts should be  reconsidered, says the State Secretary.

State Secretary Van Huffelen: “The costs of the ordinary life has risen enormously, partly due to the war in Ukraine. Many people struggle with high costs of, for example, food and rent. Moreover, now that the economy is picking up again, the requirement to increase 12.5% ​​weighs heavily cutting salary no longer compensates for those costs. In addition, recruiting personnel increasingly  difficult, while good personnel is of great importance. With this I want to give the drivers room to complete the 12.5% ​​at their own pace purchase.”

The main condition for the self-paced abolition of the 12.5% ​​salary discount is that previous agreements on standardizing top incomes must be realized and the reductions in salary before politicians persist. The abolition of the 12.5% ​​will be announced during the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of 25 May.

State Secretary Van Huffelen (Kingdom Relations) will be in the House next week Caribbean part of the Kingdom. From Monday 23 May to Friday 27 May she travels to Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten to meet residents, entrepreneurs, to meet and listen to volunteers and civil society organisations to their dreams and concerns.