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Aruba takes the first step to start the reduction of the salary cut

Aruba takes the first step to start the reduction of the salary cut

Aruba begins with a reduction in the salary cut of 12.6 percent. Esey a wordo dicidi awe of the Council of the Minister of the Kingdom. Curacao and Sint Maarten no a ricibi lus berde ainda, nan ta
evaluating and condicionnan still.

Secretary of State Alexandra van Huffelen of Relations of the Kingdom kier offers Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten e space pa cuminsa cu e reduction den e cut wages. He is happy with Aruba for putting and I promise I’ll pass “Tur hende is aware that the cost of life at the moment is going up drastically. It is also logical when considering to reduce the salary cut. And it’s pretty cu Aruba looks at the possibility of doing this awor.”

For the completion of the reduction in the salary cut, Holland places four conditions:

  • The introduction of the landsverordering normering topinkomens.
  • The capital for the partial or complete reduction of the salary cut must include the own budget. C(A)ft ta controls esaki.
  • At the moment when the salary cut was completely eliminated, it did not have a deficit more than that budget, at least when an unforeseen situation arose from nobo.
  • The cut of 25% on salaries of politicians for awor ta keda in force.

Also ask and country pa, if possible, give and reduccion:

  • Give priority to wage earners more than to receive wage cuts, and cu esakinan would feel the effect of the rise in the cost of living harder
  • Pay attention riba and agree previously den e landspakketten to moderate condition labor
  • For keto is the fact that the reason for the reduction of salary cuts certain workers government for tin chance di tin salary higher cu politician cu ta cai bou di e cut di 25% is still there.

Secretary of State Van Huffelen waits with Curacao and Sint Maarten for cuminsa paso mark also Within the short term for cuminsa, there is also a reduction in the salary cut. Pa percura cu no tin delay cause you seem to be here now have the following RMR, Minister of Finance and Secretary of State ta authorizes it to determine if it has met the conditions and makes a decision as a result.