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Cabinet strengthens digital society in the Caribbean part of the kingdom

Cabinet strengthens digital society in the Caribbean part of the kingdom

Coordinating minister van Huffelen (Kingdom Relations and Digitalisation) presents today the work agenda for a safe, inclusive and promising digital society. The Cabinet In this first work  agenda, the themes ‘digital foundation’ and ‘digital government’ from the outline letter of 8 March 2010 further elaborated and specified. That is the first step in the concrete implementation of the government’s ambitions for the digital transition of the Dutch kingdom.

“Citizens and companies in the Caribbean Netherlands must be able to participate equally in the digital world society. That is often not yet the case,” says van Huffelen. “Government services are
not yet optimally organized and digital government is still in its infancy. Here we go moving forward with enthusiasm. We bring the service to an equivalent level as in European Netherlands, both digitally and physically. In addition, we enter with the independent countries our Kingdom in talks to determine what we can do to transition to the digital society in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten”.

Seven action points have been drawn up in the work agenda for the Caribbean Netherlands:

  1. The further development of an identity and access system. Students from the Caribbean The Netherlands and the countries in the European Netherlands receive a citizen service number more quickly, which means that they make it easier to apply for facilities
  2. The physical implementation of the action plan “Public services Caribbean Netherlands”. and digital at an equivalent level
  3. Implementing the action plan to ensure affordability, availability and stability increase internet
  4. Increasing digital skills
  5. Ensure that everyone can go online safely and reliably
  6. Drafting a 4th round growth fund proposition
  7. Determine with the Countries how the transition to Digital Society can be supported

Big ambitions

The government is looking beyond its term of office and is looking ahead to 2030. The work agenda has, with good reason, great ambitions. We will continue to search for the realization with all those involved to the right balance between ambition and feasibility, in addition to the tasks that are already being tackled worked. This is also reflected in the annual update, because digitization requires permanent attention, flexibility and adaptation. The work agenda has been drawn up in close consultation with the co-governments and guiding the digital transition and digitization in the various policy areas of the government.