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Shoco Loco Aruba

Shoco Loco Aruba at the Renaissance Convention Center  2022

On the 23rd of April at the Renaissance Convention Center there was a magnificent talent show competition called Shoco Loco. This competition was organized by the students of FHTMS from the University of Aruba with the purpose to fund Luna Foundation and Animal Shelter Aruba.

The competition had amazing participants showing their talent that made the crowd stay in shock. These participants ranged from all ages.

The participants were:
Balance Gab
Marina Mendoza
John Paul Rapista
Sabrina Salas
Caeslyn Richardson
Jay Garcia & Cherly-Ann Franken
Jeremy Francisco
Joshue Garcia
Marcus Wolfgang Mauricio
Project Inspire Creativity
Janine Policarpio
Daniella, Gabriella and Lethisia Boasman
The Steppers by Step by Step Dance Academy

Before the competition began the MCs of the night, Josy Martinus and Agmyr Versprey introduced an amazing musical performance by Liam Sean Kelly, who is lead singer of his musical band, Liam Sean Kelly & the Late Romances. His performance showcased an astonishing indie experience that made the audience stay hooked with his amazing voice. You can hear more of his performances with his band at Alfie’s in Aruba. (Instagram: @liam_sean_kelly)

This event was fierce because the judges had to pick 3 winners of the 3 categories. Which are:
1. Best music performance
2. Best sing performance
3. Best dance performance

Best music performance goes to Balance Gab with his DJ set taking us back to nostalgic days of HipHop. His DJ set also had an exceptional R2D2 routine that made the crowd stay in shock. Who knew R2D2 could rap? (Instagram: @balancegabtheflow)

Best Dance performance went for Project Inspire Creativity. This Dance group made a combination of sleeping and Pop/HipHop music and unbelievable dance choreography that made it an experience to dream about. (Instagram: @projectinspirecreativity)

The best singing performance went to Daniella, Gabriella, and Lethisia Bosman. This family really made the crowd and judges build up so many emotions when they sang because a mother and her 2 daughters really shined when they were on stage.

Congratulations to every participant and also to the organizers of the event which are Kassandra Oduber, Hannah Buenaventura, Angela Winterdal, Ragnield Penja, Joshua Wagner, Angelin Ascasibar, and Kim de Leeuw van Weenen and also all the sponsors that made this event possible.