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Aruba April News – Coronavirus Survey

New Businesess, Coronavirus survey, new videos and more in The happy Island of Aruba

Second week of April 2020 in Aruba

Hello everybody and welcome to the newsletter that offers all things Aruba and keeps you connected and informed about what is happening on your favorite island paradise. Today we have a number of interesting topics to cover and wonderful friends to introduce you to.

We will be discussing the impact of the Coronavirus, as well as what some local companies and local businesses are doing to help combat it. We’ll also share some of the great companies here on the island that deal with real estate purchases, rentals, and maintenance services for your property.

Not only that, but we also have something to help your business increase its sales. And to top it all off, we are giving our readers who have even been interested in becoming an online journalist a chance to fulfill their dreams!

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Coronavirus Survey

Participate in a 2-3 minute online survey about how the coronavirus is affecting you and your families’ daily lives.

We’ve put together a short, completely anonymous survey about how the coronavirus is affecting you in general. The results will be made available in a month’s time. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take just a few minutes of your time and participate.

You can find the COVID-19 Finance & Marketing survey by clicking the button here under:

Latest Coronavirus cases in Aruba 16 April 2020

And for a little bit of positive news surrounding the pandemic.

According to local website COVID-19 ARUBA, an additional 39 people have recovered from the Coronavirus here in Aruba, making 54 active cases.

Here us the overview by 16th Aril 2020

Total tested COVID-19: 1237 people
Positive COVID-19: 95 people
Recovering COVID-19: 39 people
Negative COVID-19: 1142 people
Quarantine COVID-19: 90 people
Active COVID-19 cases: 54 people
Deaths by COVID-19: 2 people

Aruba Beach Club & Ricardo’s Restaurant Takes On Coronavirus


Don’ Cancel – Reschedule

Don’t cancel – reschedule was the main message from this awesome video from Ricardo’s Restaurant and Aruba Beach Club resort in Aruba 

These wonderful folks are making the most of the opportunity given to them by the cancellation of travel to make their location more beautiful than ever! Normally the beaches and shops would be crawling with visitors right now and things would be way too hectic to get many of the maintenance and beautification tasks done that they now find themselves with time to accomplish.

Word has it that the first flights back to the island are scheduled in June. And take our word for it, when you get back here it is going to be even more incredible than you remember. So don’t cancel the trip of a lifetime, just reschedule!

Thanks to Ricardos Restaurant and Aruba Beach Club Resort, and in collaboration with JZMarketing & Communications this wonderful video was possible. Video here

The Newest Real Estate Agency in Aruba – Ben Real Estate

The latest project of JZMarketing is a recently launched, state of the art boutique real estate website in Aruba which offers a number of specialized and custom services. Now you can browse properties and get inspired before you ever even meet your trustworthy real estate agent in Aruba. The website design offers a classy, magazine-style layout, as well as an incredible view of listings and beautiful surrounding images.

Visit them online at:

Angelo Limon ArubaMeet our Friends From Vacations by Aruba – Angelo Limon

Meet Angelo, a well know local blogger from Vacations by Aruba. His biggest passion is giving the best tips to tourists and visitors, as well as offering information on what to do and more on the one happy island. Experience Aruba as never before from his newly revamped and redesigned website.

Visit Now Vacation by Aruba

Needing a Property Maintenance & Management Company in Aruba?

Meet DG Consultancy, a family owned business that is making a difference and providing reliable property upkeep and maintenance services for property owners and timeshares in Aruba. Whatever you need done when you aren’t on the island – they can handle for you.


Invitation for People to Become a Local Online Journalist

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a journalist‍?

Do you want your opinion and voice to be heard by a broad audience? Do you believe that your life purpose is greater than yourself and you want to help others? Do you want to break and tell the story before anyone else? Is writing one way of expression that you love? How about making videos or creating other types of content?

If any or all of these questions describe you, then you may be a perfect fit to be part of a growing local online news platform in Aruba. Email us at to speak with someone today.

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