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Local Community journalist – Free Lance

Junior Local & community journalist – Free Lance!

Become a local Free lance Journalist

Have you ever dream of becoming an online journalist
You like your opinion and voice to listen to a broad audience? You believe your purpose is greater than yourself and like to help others. You want to tell the story before anyone, and writing is one way of expression you love, as well as making videos or more.
If some of these sentences ring a bell or all of them together. Then, you would love to be part of a growing local Online News platform in Aruba.

We are inviting anyone living in Aruba with the talent of writing (in English) and creating content related to the following general topics that can be of interest outside Aruba as well:

About your local community (could be reflecting the impact of COVID-19)

  • About local businesses ( Interviews, introduction, new products and more)
  • About tourism
  • About profiles
  • About Local artist
  • Interviews for general topics.
  • Living in Aruba
  • Only food feeling News
  • Others

We do not cover the following topics:

  • Fights or conflicts
  • No Breaking news
  • Personal dispute
  • No criminality matters
  • Political opinion or coverage
  • Local complaints
  • No bad feeling news
  •  etc

What do we offer? 

  • We offer local content creator freelancers a recognition in our online news platform to build a name for yourself. ( your name will be in every publication.
  • Opportunity to get hired at a later stage and get paid for your News
  • A place to learn more about Online journalism and a place to get started
  • A platform to express yourself and your view of life
  • A profile on our website / landing page
  • Other benefits will be discussed individually

Are you interested? Then send your information about you, introduction letter, why you think you can fit in the Freelance content creator profile, and an example News blog about any topic you desire. We will call you or contact you via email.

Send us your information at