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DUO will be in the Caribbean atrobe

DUO will be in the Caribbean atrobe

Den april Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) ta bishita Boneiro, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba. DUO there will be a temporary service office above and Islanan here for papia cu future and ex-studentan. In addition, DUO organizes They also find information and offer personal assistance for payment problems on the site. E bishita ta a continuation of e bishita na Aruba and Corsou years past. For future students are on the banks and islanders here DUO ta organize an awor webinar.

They find information

And they find the information that focuses on the students who are studying in the bay Holland and nan mayornan. During the meeting, nan ta tends turcos Regarding the financing of the study and other matters that must be ruled by law Holland. In Sint Maarten is also taking place an information meeting for ex-students. During di esaki ta duna among other information regarding and
Possibility to request a measure of financial capacity, payment bek locally and kico mester now has a problem with payment.

Temporary service office

Persons through the office of temporary service cu tur nan ask about Dutch study funding and bek di nan payment should say study. Pa bishita a service office does not need to work a afspraak. Ex-students must have proof of identity yes. and if they Kier asked for a reduction in the monthly amount, they must also have a summary of an entry. Say the way and DUO for the help of the focus group Mesora if that’s possible.

Personal Help

DUO gladly wants to prevent you from ex-students who are doing well financial problem. P’esey ex-students with a late payment near DUO has one last chance to avoid when he puts that man in a
di incasso office. A party of nan has an invitation of DUO for bin papia with a collaborator pa yega na a midi solution.

Online information on Aruba and Corsou

For future students in Aruba and Corsou DUO is organizing a webinar. esaki It is a continuation of the information meetings that I have in November. If you have any questions (ex-)students from Aruba and Corsou please contact us via chat and video call with DUO.

More information

DUO ta April 11-21 in Boneiro, April 11-21 in Sint Maarten, 25 y 26 of April in Sint Eustatius y riba 28 y 29 of April in Saba. More information touching and site and schedule the opening of the service office and pray and find information by haña riba