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CBP BES continues monitoring application of privacy legislation

CBP BES continues monitoring application of privacy legislation

The data protection authority BES (CBP BES) continues with the execution of its statutory task, the control of the application of the privacy legislation. In the context of its supervisory duty the CBP BES recently carried out an audit at the Bonaire Island Finance organization.

The CBP BES received several reports from the local community about the processing of personal data by Island Finance Bonaire. According to the majority of the reports, there is an redundancy of private data with the clients. This resulted in an investigation according to the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp BES).

The investigation focused on four aspects: the purpose of the processing (article 7 Wbp BES), the basis and necessity of the processing (article 8 Wbp BES), the principles of processing, proportionality and subsidiarity and finally: the guarantee of security of the personal data (article 13 Wbp BES).

After the investigation at the credit institution and testing based on the Wbp BES, the CBP BES concludes that the credit institution largely complies with the standards set in the law and is more than satisfied with the way of processing at the credit institution Island Finance.

“We are pleased with the good cooperation with Island Finance Bonaire and the quick action the organization is taking to fully implement the few recommendations,” said Roëlla Pourier, secretary of the CBP BES.

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