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Third congress for communication professionals; ‘Communication Power of the Kingdom’

Di tres congreso pa profecionalnan di comunicacion: ‘Comunicacion Forsa di Reino’

WILLEMSTAD – Diahuebs 1 and Diabierna 2 of September 2022 Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland has organized three congresses ‘Comunicación Forsa di Reino’ den World Trade Center na Corsow. The congress here ta pa Communication professionals who provide government services of a Organization reports to the government in Aruba, Boneiro, Corsow, Sint Maarten, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Holland and Suriname. The objective of the congress is for Promote union, transfer of knowledge and collaboration. A bon red di Communication professionals strengthen the capacity of parents and parents of Kingdom. The congress finances the Ministry of Internal Affairs and They relate to the Kingdom as a whole with the Ministry of Justice and Security.

speaker and topic
A group of speakers with diverse specialty will make it possible for some masterclass and tayernan gave inspirational work in different disciplines of communication. During two intensive days he treats it in a different topic, communication way intercultural, communication during crisis, scirbi speach and communication Strategic in masterclasses and smaller sessions.

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During the congress on September 1, it is organized by tayer di trabou ‘Communication during Crisis: Collaborate in wowo di tormenta’  for a group of broader interest. E tayer di trabou aki ta interesante pa tur hende cu tin un role during a crisis and not necessarily work for the government of a semi-governmental organization.

Svenja Westerduin and Francien Machielse, both communication experts and risk pa Nationaal Coordinator Terrorismebestrijding in Veiligheid and e Nationaal Crisiscentrum of the Ministry of Justice and Security in the Hulanda. Ta presents the tayer of work in cooperation with Wilfred Muller, Counselor Senior in crisis management in the Caribbean region, of Representation of
Hulanda na Aruba, Corsow and Sint Maarten.

During the interactive presentation the speakers went deeper into the world of communication during crisis: structure of crisis, collaboration, ‘mindset’, ‘tips and tricks’.

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E tayer di trabou ‘Comunicacion durante crisis: colaboracion den wowo di e tormenta’ ta riba 1 di september 2022 di 13:30 pa 16:00 den e auditorium di WTC Interesadonan cu no ta participate na e congresso, pero si na e tayer di trabou, por inscribi te cu 15 di augustus via di e e-mail Mention the number, organization, funcion y informacion di contacto This participation is free.

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I want to be available for a limited time from the meeting of the 1st and 2nd of September. Profecionalnan di comunicacion den servicio di gobierno of un organizacion relata na gobierno cu no a inscribi ainda pa e congreso por haci esaki te mas late August 15th via Eventbrite.