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Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

Our Kids Matter at Hilton Aruba

In view of the Carnival activities, Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino orchestrated an internal Our Kids Matter event in the ballroom, in which eleven local social agencies set up information booths and were available for Team Members to ask questions, raise concerns and obtain information about the availability of social services on the island.

The resort invited its Team Members to  attend during working hours. Parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, and aunts are often confronted with stressful situations without knowing where to turn for support.

It was a unique opportunity to interact with experts and learn more about the existing social organizations where support can be found for the protection, education, growth and care
of children in our community. It was great to show Team Members that help is available for everyone, says Glenn Farro, Director of Human Resources.

Numerous organizations participated in the informal and informative conversations: Fundacion Pa Nos Muchanan, whose vision is to provide education to children 12 years old or younger and give them the opportunity for optimal development, bringing parents and educators together; Tienda di Education, supporting parents and educators in parenting their children 18 years or younger; Wit Gele Kruis, promoting, activating and optimizing health care for the Aruban community; Sociale Zaken, the Department of Social Affairs in charge of care, welfare, legal aid, and guidance; Rode Kruis, the Red Cross Aruba; FADA, an educational anti-drug foundation, aiming to prevent the use and abuse of drugs on the island; FEPO a foundation where help may be found for the hearing impaired, and many more.

Our Kids Matters event was a pilot program, and the resort looks forward to having more events like this in the future.

Mark Di Martino is the new Director of Group Sales at the Hilton Aruba

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino is proud to announce the appointment of Mark DiMartino to Director of Group Sales, a much-deserved promotion. Mark, now at the helm of group sales has been working for the island of Aruba for decades, and joined the sales team for the Hilton, in June of 2017.

The group business was thriving and he enjoyed fantastic relationships with his peers in the Aruba Convention Bureau and his colleagues at other resort properties, as well as his experienced and capable in-house team.

Then the pandemic struck and Aruba closed down. Committed to the island and its people, determined to support his beloved resort, Mark hit the road as soon as it was possible in a motorcoach, visiting key business and travel accounts around the country, keeping in touch with the industry and sharing updates about the island. Thanks to his extensive travels, the resort experienced a brisk recovery shortly after opening back up again, and Mark loves to tell the ‘out of the box’ story, reflecting on Aruba’s resilience and creativity.

Mark who worked his way up in the industry is very familiar with all players, knows the market well and always shares his love for Aruba first, before promoting his resort.

Mark understands the needs of people to vacation, rest and reconnect with loved ones, and values the historical importance the Grande Dame of Palm Beach, the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, delivering top notch hospitality, and making memories. “We provide a high quality holiday experience, and I consider our sales team the great Caribbean vacationambassadors,” he says.

Headquartered in the US, Mark frequently returns to his island, to recharge his batteries, and armed with strong knowledge of our vacation product, he hits the road refreshed, set to identify and secure more lucrative group business for the island.