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COVID-19 information in Aruba

Aruba in recent Corona times

ORANJESTAD Aruba, 08 October 2020.

Two months ago, Aruba confirmed new cases of a second wave that caused a much bigger outbreak on the Island than the first impact.

In August, the Aruban Public Health Department confirmed 1863 new positive COVID cases with a total of 7 deaths, and in September, a total of 1845 new positive COVID cases were registered followed by 17 deaths in that month.

The government of Aruba implemented a 10 pm to 5 am curfew on September 18, with a closing time of establishments at 9 pm. These last weeks a drop in positive cases has emerged. Therefore on October 5, the government decided to adjust this curfew from 12 am to 5 am, with a closing time of establishments at 11 pm.

Local authorities, Task Force, control that people in quarantine and isolation do not break the rules of leaving their home without authorization of the Public Health Department, being that the case, the person can be fined with a sum of 1000 Florins. Also, the use of face masks is mandatory for all people inside any location, as well as social distancing.

Complying with these measures and taking care of ourselves is crucial to continue being One Happy Island.