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The Overseas Assistance Team (OTB) is organizing a briefing in Aruba on the major affects of the ‘child abuse’ (KOT) framework.

Does it affect keda and do they have a problem, cause for ‘kinderopvangtoeslag’? And now, the financial compensation band of the ‘Uitvoeringsorganisatie Herstel Toeslagen’ (UHT) has a right on the broad side of the recovery. Na Hulanda, moaning for help den esaki, but if bo is not biba na Hulanda esaki there is another. Abo and bo family for receiving help from OTB. E yudansa aki ta keda rule locally, well also in Aruba, and there is no cost cun’e thirteen.

As a victim in Aruba I went to the OTB with turbo they asked. For ehempel questions regarding bo famia, salud, finances, trabou & entrada de vivienda. Members of my family also for receiving help riba and terenonan here.


E ‘Uitvoeringsorganisatie Herstel Toeslagen (UHT) ta determines whether OTB por offers e yudansa na abo y bo famia. UHT analyzes if I abo as a victim ta yega na remarke. Bo ta yega na remarke as a victim? And will I move out on July 7, 2020 for Hulanda? And now UHT subsequently asked for permission to share the contact information with the OTB and by receiving broad assistance from the OTB. OTB makes contact with you at the moment when you received your contact information.

During the first contact, OTB asked him questions about the situation and gave him the opportunity to ask questions about OTB. Subsequently, I received it from a person in charge of the case, and the person here will be the vast contact person. Together with OTB bo ta traha an afspraak to determine the need for help. Afterwards, the ‘casemanager’ tells him about the type of Yudansa that is exactly what he needs for his family, health, finances, work & income and housing. Esaki ta keda fiha den an action plan. Asina hunto cu bo casemanager boso ta yega na accionnan.


For further information, the meeting will be held on February 13 between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm at The Meeting room, Dakota Shopping Paradise Unit 16, Dakota.
Contact person: Maurella Ras, tel. No. : +297 7378022