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Venture back in time on our beautiful island when there was no industry, just farmers and fishermen. During the early 1800’s a young boy saw a glimmering, shiny rock in a dry creek bed while herding his sheep. And so Aruba’s gold rush industry began. Book now our fantastic 4:30 hour tour including history, flora, fauna, hiking, and food.


Our hiking tour will begin at the ruins of Bushiribana on the north coast. We will climb up to the remains of a large dig on the hill of Matividiri next to a dry creek bed. From there we will head down to Kadushi where you will discover multiple dig sites along a relatively large vein that heads towards Sero Cristal / Kristal and Sero Gerard. These locations were the main areas where the gold was found. Tons of ore were packed on the backs of donkeys and hauled down these trails to the Bushiribana Gold Mill. A fascinating part of Aruba’s history you will not forget!


Our hiking tour will begin near the ruins of Bushiribana c.1872 on our beautiful north coast. You will get a well-researched glimpse of how primitive the gold mining industry was during the late “1800s. At the time, this gold mining operation was Aruba’s first industry other than agriculture and fishing. It also has the distinction of being the first permanently established mechanized gold processing plant in the Caribbean. We will share all of our extensive research with you as we explore the whole complex.

Heading east past Boca Mahos, we will make our way to Matividiri where there are the remains of a large dig on the hill next to a dry creek bed. From there we will head down to Kadushi where you will discover multiple dig sites along a relatively large vein that heads in the direction of Sero Crystal and Sero Gerard. These last two locations were the main areas where the ore was extracted.

You will be surprised to pass through a tranquil savanna. This amazing lush green grassland of Boedoei reveals just how many diverse natural areas our island possesses. This savanna was one of the routes the donkeys traveled through to get from the gold mines to the gold mill hauling tons of ore packed on their backs.

Once back at Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins you can realize much better what it took to get the ore to this spot and then process the rocks for the gold.

After this captivating journey back in time, you will be treated to a delicious lunch at one of our local Restaurants. Ricardo’s Restaurant located at Aruba Beach Club Resort

[evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3253″ title=”Pick up at your accommodation” text=”We start the day by picking you up at your hotel/Airbnb accommodation anywhere in Aruba.”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3254″ title=”Briefing” text=”Arrival at the site and short briefing of the tour and Bushiribana Gold Complex”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3255″ title=”Matividiri” text=”Heading East to the – big dig at Matividiri up on the hill – where you will have an awesome view for your sightseeing photos and more”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”Multiple Ground Digs” text=”We will head down to Kadushi to discover multiple ground digs on a large vain (you might be lucky to find some gold )”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”6 Different Old Outbuildings” text=”Next, you will pass ruins of 6 different old outbuildings, part of the Bushiribana Gold Complex, our tour guide will explain the history and more about each one of them”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”Green Savana at Boedoei” text=”Hiking past the outbuildings you will be surprised to cross through a beautiful green Savana at Boedoei. Great sightseeing area for your vacation photos.”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”Bushiribana Gold Mill” text=”Once back at the main Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins you will have a new understanding of the process of this gold industrial complex in the 1800’s.”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”Ricardo’s Restaurant” text=”Then we take you to enjoy the other side of the island on a beachfront Restaurant at Ricardo’s where we will enjoy delicious lunch. The restaurant is located at the Aruba Beach Club Resort”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3256″ title=”Drop Off” text=”Return to your accommodation.”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3257″ title=”Restrictions” text=”This tour is physically active and general health is necessary. Guests must be able to walk long distances. Children ages 4 and under cannot participate ( except for a previous approval by our Guide – Call us direct). This tour is not wheelchair accessible.”]
[evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3258″ title=”Excursion Size” text=”Private Tour”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3259″ title=”Excursion Type” text=”Cultural, Informative,Nature, Scenic, Physical”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3260″ title=”Excursion Duration” text=”2:00 hours”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3261″ title=”Time” text=”8:00am”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3262″ title=”Activity Level” text=”Moderate Walking”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3263″ title=”Excursion Departure Point” text=”Wherever you are staying”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3264″ title=”Food/Beverage Provided” text=”Lunch Included at Ricardo’s Restaurant”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3265″ title=”Non-alcoholic beverages” text=”are included as well as coffee and tea plus water refills during the tour. Alcohol is available for purchase. PLEASE NOTE: Restaurant may be subject to change.”][evc_icon_with_text type=”icon-left” title_tag=”” custom_icon=”3266″ title=”Recommended Dress” text=”Sneakers, comfortable shorts or pants for walking, tee shirt, camera, hat is optional. Please bring your own water bottle. Sunscreen – reef safe.”]