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Princess Day VNO 2022 Activity

Princess Day VNO 2022 Activity

Riba diamars 20 de september Representation of Hulanda in Aruba (VNO) together with students of history and institution of the state (geschiedenis in staatsinrichting), for the VWO class 6 of the College Arubano and Schakelcollege, the organizer of the annual Prinsjesdag activity.

The activity here on the three days of September has a great occasion to provide attention to the meaning of Prinsjesdag in the Netherlands and meaning of esey for the countries of the Kingdom, particularly and country Aruba.

The day was cuminsa with a short tale of the troon rede pronounced by King Willem-Alexander, Caminda despues Alternate Representative of Hulanda na Aruba, Mr. Abrahams, a plea more over
of the Prinsjesdag, troonrede, but also the presentation of the budget and debate over di esaki den Parliament, known as e algemene politieke en financiele beschouwingen.

Later and special guest of the mainta, ex-governor Fredis Refunjol, pleads with the process of Aruba’s budget is working and kico is the role of Parliament in esaki.

The closing day with a dynamic debate session on current affairs from different groups of mester student to defend several punto di bista and cu esaki for a win mitar studiepunt pa e vak di history and state institution.