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Support Aruba’s Local Initiative of Building a Renewable Power Plant Today

December Week 2020 Newsletter

We are so near to the holidays now – and we sure are excited! So, what should you know about in the second week of December?

This week’s newsletter has some great tidbits for you. This week’s newsletter will inform you about ICSP Aruba’s Solar Energy Services Project.

Have some ambitious plans for the future? There is no time like now to get started – and you can have the right partner helping you out too! Find out more in this newsletter.

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Sustaining development and growth in San Nicolas

ICSP Aruba is coming up with innovative projects and is providing solar energy services to all the people of Aruba. With this initiative by the locals, there will be sustainable employment with clean and renewable energy resources.

The upcoming ICSP (Integrated Concentrated Solar Power) Changing Energy power generation unit is projected around the famous San Nicholas oil refinery in Aruba. Dedicated to save and preserve energy for future generations, the plant will operate completely on solar power while having several of the features commonly found in gas turbine power plants. The hybridization is done to increase the overall efficiency of the ICSP.

You can know more about the project here.



Spend some away time with butterflies!

butterfly farm

Want to make a quick getaway after a busy weekend? Head to the butterfly farm and hit up a conversation with the little beauties. There are hundreds of butterflies, and if you play it right, some will even land on you!

The Butterfly Farm at Aruba is one of the best places to view magnificent butterflies with your family. It’s a perfect weekend getaway spot. What are you waiting for? Backpack and have a fun time with your kids here.

Start your journey with a guided tour here.


Caribbean Bingo

Try out some Caribbean Bingo

Feeling lonely? That’s okay – why not explore the Caribbean islands without venturing out from your home? With the new Caribbean Bingo themed games, you can enjoy the flavours of gaming like before.

Find out more about what you can expect from the game here.






oil and gas logistics

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Companies in the oil and gas sector will now find it easier to relocate to Suriname with Suriname Logistics – one of the top logistics providers in the region. Establishing your business in Suriname will be easy with new offerings like brokerage services and recruitment solutions as well as travel and immigration advice for companies.

Visit the Suriname Logistics page to know more.




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