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When do you need the Aruba Health App?

First November Week 2020 Newsletter

Oranjestad Aruba, 06 November 2020

Check out what’s trending in the first week of November in Aruba! This week’s newsletter will inform you about the “Aruba Health App.”
Apart from our weekly Coronavirus update, we have for you some fascinating fun facts about the use of the milkweed plant back in the day. We will also introduce you to great companies that offer Chinese and Japanese cuisine, the best liquor on the Island, and unique organic products.
Please find all of this and more in our weekly newsletter. Let us keep you updated!

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Best liquor plant since 1986!

Aruba Trading Company has been in business for almost 100 years and a wholesaler of world-class rum & spirits for 35 years.
In 1986, after decades of experience in the liquor business, Aruba Trading Company launched its own liquor plant in Aruba, located in the heart of downtown Oranjestad on Weststraat. In 2010, this plant was incorporated under the name of WestStreet Liquor Company.

Visit Aruba Trading Company and WestStreet Liquor Company for the best liquor on the Island and order now!

Aruba Health App Reminder

When arriving at the Reina Beatrix Airport of Aruba, there are some measures required for travelers. One of these measures is screening and the COVID-19 test at the airport. For this process, it is necessary to download the Aruba Health App on your phone.

This app is essential for you to receive the COVID-19 test results done at the airport. Therefore, Aruba’s Health Department advises that everyone arriving at Aruba must have this app installed on their phone. This counts for locals and residents of Aruba as well.

Please remember to download the Aruba Health App on your phone before your trip to Aruba.
Just a friendly reminder from Aruba Online News.

COVID-19 Information

We started this week with 155 active cases of COVID-19 registered by the Aruban Health Department. Today November 6th (Friday), there are 172 active registered cases. Last week, a total of 37 deaths were confirmed and we are ending this week with 39 deaths related to COVID-19.

As many of us already know, last week Saturday was Halloween. There were many activities and festivities promoted in advance for the holiday. Unfortunately, different bars & restaurants got too enthusiastic and were closed by the government task force crisis team due to violating COVID-19 measures.

Keep in mind not to be on beach areas or public parking lots from 12 midnight to 5 am. Complying with these measures is important to continue being a One Happy Island. Click here to find more information about the COVID-19 in Aruba.

Fun facts about the Milkweed Plant!

Did you know that the milkweed plant was used for
medicinal cures?

Aruba Nature Explorers shares a fascinating story with us!

The milkweed plant (calotropis procera), locally known as “Catunbom” was often used in the past as well as the present for many medicinal cures.
Here are some fun facts about how it was used:
– For swollen feet, warm-up a little coconut oil, place it on the swollen foot and tie some plant leaves around it. This can also be done for headaches and Rheumatism.
– For toothache, place candle wax on a leaf and then put it over your face where the pain is.
– For insomnia problems, you can put three leaves of the plant under your pillow or for people that get annoying when drunk!

Reference: “Remedinan di Tera” by Groupo Uni Noord

Visit Aruba Nature Explorers Facebook page to learn more about Aruba’s beautiful flora!

Finest Chinese and
Japanese Cuisine!

Blossoms Restaurant has been crafting the finest culinary journeys through Japanese and Chinese cuisine on Aruba for many years. They are conveniently located near the high-rise resorts in the heart of Palm Beach on the upper level of the South Beach Centre. Blossoms offers a full array of delicious meals, sushi, and a delightful Teppanyaki Table experience for those who want to embark on a true culinary adventure!

At the Teppanyaki Table, you will watch an expert chef prepare mouth-watering food before your very eyes on a large iron griddle. You’ll be amazed! Don’t miss the opportunity for this delightful experience and book now!

Visit their Facebook page for daily specials and keep in mind that locals receive a 25% discount from their regular menu.

Organic farm products!

Veggie Life Aruba is a boutique organic farm offering products made from scratch using locally grown ingredients on Aruba. Using hydroponic culture, they are able to grow their own ingredients. These ingredients are used to make delicious and healthy products like their famous Pesto and Chimichurri. They offer different dinner boxes like their Alexa Box, which includes pesto, chimichurri, artisan pasta (2 options), sprouts, or microgreens. All in a handmade wooden box wrapped as a gift.

Visit Veggie Life Aruba Facebook page for their unique and healthy Christmas gift boxes!